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Eternights: Navigating the Persona-Inspired Dating Sim Journey to a Memorable Conclusion


Studio Sai’s Eternights, a hack-and-slash dating sim released on September 11, 2023, is a captivating blend of supernatural post-apocalypse and teenage romance, clearly drawing inspiration from the Persona series. While the game introduces a generic, unnamed protagonist and initially flimsy combat mechanics, its unique approach to storytelling and emotional depth in the climax make the journey worthwhile. In this exploration, we navigate through the game’s strengths, its compelling character dynamics, and the few stumbling blocks that hinder its narrative flow.

Supernatural Post-Apocalypse Setting: Eternights unfolds in a world gripped by a supernatural post-apocalypse, where the eponymous anti-aging drug transforms its users into zombie-like creatures. The protagonist, chosen by a god to be her champion in the war that triggered the apocalypse, takes center stage. However, the true essence of the game lies in the relationships the protagonist builds with other survivors, each endowed with superpowers. Despite the potential of the overarching plot, the focus remains on the characters and their attempts to navigate the challenges of love amid chaos.

Compelling Cast of Characters: The cast of Eternights proves to be a notable strength, offering a diverse array of personalities and backgrounds. Yuna, the teen idol grappling with the responsibility of her influence; Min, burdened by guilt for the loss of her track team; and Sia, the science and tech wiz exuding bravado in the face of uncertainty—each character brings a unique perspective to the narrative. The sole male love interest, Yohan, adds an air of mystery to the unfolding story. The character arcs are compelling, providing depth to the relationships that form the heart of the game.

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Teenage Connections Amid Apocalypse: While the overarching theme involves superpowered teens battling through the apocalypse, Eternights skillfully intertwines normal teenage connections with heightened stakes. The struggles of Yuna, Min, and Sia resonate with relatable challenges, adding emotional weight to the narrative. The game successfully captures the essence of interpersonal relationships, elevating it beyond a mere action-driven plot. The character dynamics, despite some narrative hiccups, contribute significantly to the overall engagement.

Emotional Climax and Narrative Swings: Eternights takes bold narrative swings, particularly towards its emotional climax. The game, while not reaching the storytelling heights of its Persona inspirations, manages to deliver a resonant and effective conclusion. The willingness to explore deep emotional territories sets Eternights apart, proving that even within the constraints of a dating sim, profound storytelling can be achieved. The climactic moments leave a lasting impact, redeeming the game from some of its minor narrative shortcomings.

Stumbling Blocks in Dialogue: Despite the game’s overarching strengths, Eternights encounters stumbling blocks in its moment-to-moment dialogue and interactions. While the broad strokes of the narrative excel, the finer details suffer from occasional shortcomings. The intricacies of character interactions could have been more finely tuned to enhance the overall narrative flow. However, these issues are minor in comparison to the game’s overall narrative achievements.

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Eternights, with its Persona-inspired roots, successfully blends supernatural elements, teenage romance, and hack-and-slash gameplay. The game’s compelling characters, emotional depth, and bold narrative choices make it a noteworthy addition to the dating sim genre. While it may not achieve the storytelling mastery of its inspirations, Eternights ventures into uncharted territories, proving that love and apocalypse can coexist in a captivating narrative. Despite minor stumbling blocks, the game’s conclusion justifies the bumpy ride, leaving players with a memorable and emotionally resonant experience.

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