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G.I. Joe Classified: Hasbro Unveils a Modern Makeover for Snake Eyes


Hasbro, the iconic toymaker, is reviving the nostalgia of the ’80s with a contemporary twist in its G.I. Joe toy line. The G.I. Joe Classified series brings beloved characters to life in a new six-inch action figure format, promising enhanced detail and articulation. Among the fan-favorite characters making a return is the silent but lethal ninja, Snake Eyes. This reimagined action figure takes the classic toy to new heights, appealing to both longtime enthusiasts and a new generation of fans.

The Resurgence of Snake Eyes: Snake Eyes, the ninja with a gun, was a cultural icon in the mid-80s G.I. Joe lineup. Standing as the epitome of coolness and heroism, Snake Eyes captured the imaginations of children worldwide. Unlike other characters, he blended the mystique of a ninja with a commitment to fighting for good. In the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra narrative, Snake Eyes emerged as a standout character with his unique attire, featuring a mask reminiscent of Cobra Commander and Destro.

G.I. Joe Classified Series: A Modern Makeover: The Classified version of Snake Eyes pays homage to the 1985 original, incorporating signature elements such as pouches, a bandolier, and the distinctive ridged eye-mask. The modernized figure stands taller and boasts enhanced articulation, bringing a new level of dynamism to the iconic character. The design meticulously captures the essence of the ’80s version while introducing contemporary improvements to appeal to today’s discerning collectors and fans.

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Upgraded Features: The Classified Snake Eyes figure, available for preorder at $20 on Hasbro Pulse, comes equipped with an arsenal of weapons, staying true to the character’s combat prowess. The figure includes a backpack that is more realistic in design, deviating from the traditional lump of plastic. While the new version lacks Snake Eyes’ canine companion, Timber, the overall upgrades make this action figure a compelling addition to any G.I. Joe collection.

Exclusive Edition and Collectibles: For avid collectors, Hasbro offers an exclusive $40 version of the figure, which includes additional weapons, a gear storage rack, and a collectible print. This premium edition, already sold out, showcases the immense popularity and demand for reimagined classic toys. The scarcity of this edition adds an element of exclusivity for fortunate owners.

Expanding the G.I. Joe Classified Line: Snake Eyes joins other iconic characters like Roadblock, Duke, and Scarlet in the G.I. Joe Classified lineup. The diverse selection caters to fans of the original series, offering a chance to reacquaint themselves with beloved characters. Destro, the lone Cobra character in the series, has already garnered significant attention, with pre-sales selling out rapidly.

Celebrating the Launch: To commemorate the launch of the Classified Snake Eyes, Hasbro has organized a 24-hour livestream featuring classic G.I. Joe cartoon episodes on YouTube. While the chat feature is disabled, the thematic accuracy, aligning with Snake Eyes’ silent demeanor, adds an extra layer of nostalgia for fans participating in the event.

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Hasbro’s G.I. Joe Classified series, particularly the modernized Snake Eyes figure, represents a harmonious blend of nostalgia and innovation. By reimagining classic characters with contemporary enhancements, Hasbro continues to captivate audiences of all ages. The resurgence of G.I. Joe in a new action figure format not only pays homage to its rich legacy but also ensures its relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of collectibles. As Snake Eyes stands tall once again, holding a gun and embodying the essence of heroism, fans eagerly anticipate the next wave of revitalized G.I. Joe figures, ready to embark on a nostalgic journey.

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