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Luigi’s Mansion 3: A Spectral Adventure Beyond Expectations

Embark on a ghostly escapade with everyone’s favorite scaredy-cat plumber in Luigi’s Mansion 3. This Nintendo Switch game, released on October 31, 2019, takes our green-hat-wearing hero on a thrilling journey from the lobby to the penthouse, filled with charm, surprises, and spectral encounters.

The storyline kicks off with Luigi and company winning a complimentary vacation stay at a seemingly luxurious hotel. Little do they know, this grand establishment turns out to be a haunted haven, and the Mario crew, except for Luigi, falls victim to a ghostly kidnapping. It’s now up to our reluctant hero to navigate through 15 floors (and a couple of spooky basement levels) to rescue his friends and uncover the mysteries lurking in the hotel’s eerie corridors.

While Luigi has faced ghosts before, Luigi’s Mansion 3 introduces a new partner in slime – Gooigi, a gooey replica of our beloved plumber. This spectral sidekick opens up exciting possibilities for solo and cooperative gameplay. Players can seamlessly switch between Luigi and Gooigi, solving puzzles and overcoming challenges, adding a unique twist to the classic ghost-catching formula.

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The game’s core mechanic remains familiar – explore each floor, solve puzzles, and capture ghosts using Luigi’s trusty Poltergust G-00 vacuum. The dual-character dynamic introduces refreshing puzzles, requiring players to strategize and make the most of each character’s abilities. Gooigi, being gooey and pliable, can access hidden areas and navigate through pipes, adding a layer of complexity to the gameplay.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is not just about ghost-busting; it’s a treasure hunt too. The haunted hotel is filled with hidden gems, piles of cash, and other collectibles. Exploring each room reveals intricate details, from secret passages to interactive objects, making the adventure both challenging and rewarding.

The boss fights in Luigi’s Mansion 3 are cleverly designed, requiring players to experiment with Luigi’s abilities to discover the most effective strategies. The comedic charm of the encounters adds to the overall enjoyment, making each showdown memorable.

The Scarescraper multiplayer mode offers additional excitement, allowing up to four Luigis to team up online or locally. Together, players face randomized floors with varied objectives, such as capturing ghosts, finding Toads, or collecting cash. The fast-paced mode adds a competitive element to the cooperative experience.

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While the game’s length is noteworthy, with an average playtime of around 17 hours, the sheer variety of experiences and the attention to detail in each floor keep Luigi’s Mansion 3 engaging from start to finish. The diverse environments, from a medieval castle to unexpected locations, showcase the creativity of the developers at Next Level Games.

In conclusion, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is more than just a sequel; it’s a delightful and unexpected adventure that breathes new life into the beloved series. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer, the spectral journey from the lobby to the penthouse is sure to leave you entertained and, perhaps, a little less scared of ghosts.

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