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Master Detective Archives: Rain Code – A Supernatural Twist on Familiar Grounds


Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, the latest creation from the minds of Spike Chunsoft and Too Kyo Games, unfolds as a murder mystery under the imaginative direction of Kazutaka Kodaka, with art by Rui Komatsuzaki and a captivating score by Masafumi Takada. Released on June 30, 2023, Rain Code manages to maintain the spirit of its predecessor, Danganronpa, while carving out its own unique narrative path.

Mechanical Resemblance to Danganronpa

Rain Code draws inevitable comparisons to Danganronpa due to its striking similarities in mechanics, art style, and musical backdrop. From the distinctive pink blood to the techno jazz score, nearly every aspect seems to echo the acclaimed murder mystery series. However, the review suggests that the team may be exploring new avenues, driven perhaps by Danganronpa V3’s critical commentary on series longevity.

Story Overview

The narrative follows Yuma Kokohead, a detective-in-training in a world where detectives possess superpowers and are revered globally. Yuma, accompanied by the enigmatic death god Shinigami, navigates a world filled with supernatural elements, contrasting views, and a blend of dire stakes and absurdist humor. The story unfolds with a touch of the unhinged writing style typical of Kodaka, exploring mysteries in a realm unbounded by conventional constraints.

New Game Details and Characters from Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE  for Nintendo Switch™ Revealed - Spike Chunsoft

Supernatural Framing

Initially, the review expresses reservations about Rain Code’s supernatural elements, particularly the use of the Mystery Labyrinth. This dimension serves as a physical manifestation of the mysteries, introducing interactive elements reminiscent of Persona 5’s Palaces. While initially feeling like a forced incorporation of Danganronpa mechanics, the review acknowledges that Rain Code gradually justifies and enhances the experience as the story progresses.

Character Evolution and Moral Conundrum

As the plot unfolds, Rain Code introduces character evolution and moral dilemmas, especially within the confines of the Mystery Labyrinth. The revelation that Shinigami transforms from a mascot to a gothic reaper within this realm adds depth to the narrative, exploring the consequences of pursuing the truth. Unlike Danganronpa, Rain Code suggests that truth may not be inherently right or wrong, providing a nuanced perspective on the pursuit of justice.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code – Chapter 2 Mystery Labyrinth Full SS  Rank Walkthrough

Technical Aspects

The technical aspects of Rain Code receive a critical examination, highlighting occasional framerate drops and the transition from 2D sprite-based visuals to a 3D rendering. Despite technical shortcomings, the game’s unique visual moments and the neon-soaked cyberpunk aesthetic of Kanai Ward are acknowledged. The review suggests that, despite initial concerns, players may become desensitized to these issues, ultimately immersing themselves in the game’s concept.

Case Solving and Emotional Impact

Rain Code’s cases, while not as elaborate as Danganronpa’s, are commended for their satisfying mysteries and impactful human elements. The narrative’s ability to tie loose ends together, even when solutions may seem farfetched, contributes to the overall satisfaction of solving each case. The emotional crescendo in the latter chapters, reminiscent of the team’s previous works, underscores Rain Code’s effectiveness in delivering intense and resonant storytelling.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Review: Alone in the Dark | The Sun


Despite its mechanical and stylistic parallels with Danganronpa, Rain Code manages to stand on its own, showcasing the team’s ability to craft compelling narratives beyond the confines of a death game. While technical issues are acknowledged, the review ultimately praises Rain Code for its clever cases, juxtaposition of camp and devastating reveals, and a soundtrack that resonates with players. Fans of Kodaka’s distinctive storytelling style are likely to find Rain Code a worthy addition to the mystery genre.

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